Nigerian Pilot Completes Historic Expedition

…But Why Is This Not On All Major Outlets Yet?

“Finally, global media takes notice of an African Success story!”

I wish! I wish this is the report I was writing about but unfortunately it is not because that is not the case. As usual when it comes to negative news about the continent of Africa, the whole world will be at alert, every media house will make a headline out of it and it will linger in the news very long.  The biggest problem is not only how fast bad reports about Africans seems to fly through the roof but rather, because bad news about Africans is the only news the world seems to care about, this has successfully shaped the narrative about Africa and the negative global perception and stereotype of Africans.

It is time for a change and it is time we Africans do not stay silent when we see positive stories and accomplishments of our people, we must rally around them and make sure the world hears of our story. Of course, we expect that not only Africans should care about delivering positive reports but the sad reality is that the world we live in has been trained to have a certain mindset about Africa and so they have gotten to care about the negative stories more, so they can “stay informed and protected,” their media tells them ? “in case they need to visit an African country, watch out for this or that danger” or “all Nigerians are 419’s so don’t do business with a Nigerian” the TV shows would run hour long investigative stories with the goal of making you aware of “the bad eggs (Africans) living next to you with the tale of informing you to watch out for African scammers and so on” The only stories widely told about us are damaging, insulting, ridiculous and are very upsetting! Read More »


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